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Who am I

My name is Martin Lédl and creating digital products is my passion. I always try to come up with new and inovative ideas. Lately I've been making websites and portfolios for a variety of clients. If you'd like to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me.

I started making websites about 7 years ago. The beginnings were rough as I had no clue about UI/UX design. But since then I've worked on improving not only the designing process, but mainly the technical skills required for building all kinds of web projects.

When I create websites for clients, I make sure I always understand their desired goals. Since the start of my career I've received only great feedback from them and some clients are even coming back to me with requests on help with other digital products.

My skills



7 years

Making content for web is my job, so I dare to say I have a deeper understanding of HTML and CSS (as well as other preprocessors such as SCSS).

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5 years

In the beginning, I used Javascript only for minor tweaks in functionality. But lately I've been using it more and more, because in my opinion, it is crucial for building modern web apps.

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4 years

This is my go-to framework for building large web projects. What I like about it the most is the scalability it provides.

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2 years

When I do smaller web projects I usually choose React. The great thing about it is that there are many paths to choose when using react for a project, because I can choose to use many of its libraries to build exactly according to the project's needs.

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2 years

GatsbyJS is currently my favourite technology for building smaller websites and portfolios. I actually built this website using GatsbyJS.

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2 years

When I needed something for a project with heavy backend and loading a lot of content on the frontend, I chose NextJS. The pre-rendering and server-side-rendering of this framework were the perfect fit.

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4 years

Developing mobile apps is also a great passion of mine. I mainly develop for iOS devices. For that I use the Swift programming language. I also use SwiftUI from the early moments of its development and quickly fell in love with its syntax.

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6 years

Sometimes I need to create a small script or calculate some complex stuff. I use Python for that. It's not about the knowledge of the language itself, but more about that I can come up with efficient algorithms for the current problem.

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5 years

There is no dispute about the fact that version control is a big part of product development. Luckily, I started working with git early on and have been actively using it since then. I use GitHub for all my projects not only for version control, but also for easier work in teams and continuous deployment on various platforms.

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3 years

For creating designs for my personal or client projects, I use Figma. I am able to quickly draw my ideas and even prototype complex animations. This way my creativity is not limited.

+420 777 803 934